Ferocious Fins!

Burying my head in my hands is a position you will often find me in whilst diving, other regular expressions are shouting underwater or shaking my fists in exasperation. Why? Because fins are mass murderers! Seriously though fins cause so much destruction particularly when divers explore underwater habitats that are overlooked as homes or food … Continue reading Ferocious Fins!



A year ago I set out to paint a stingray for my parents. They had commissioned me to do a painting based on a marine animal of my choice. Obviously I chose a stingray as they are my all time favourite animal, however I decided I wanted the painting to represent more then just a … Continue reading Wounded

New Beginnings

Nothing worth while is easy. Getting myself back to Dahab is testament to that. A week before I left Dahab my life changed forever and the months since then have constantly thrown me obstacles. This chapter of my life has certainly been the hardest I have had to endure and I’m currently living through the … Continue reading New Beginnings

Dear Citizens Of The Universe

On this beautiful Sunday I thought I would brighten everyones day a little more with a selection of letters written by the students of my awesome teacher friend. These past three years I have witnessed the importance of education in the fight to keep our Ocean alive. By engaging kids we can help them fall … Continue reading Dear Citizens Of The Universe

Put Pen To Paper and Petition!

Around 10 years ago my family stumbled upon Dahab, Egypt and it was the best discovery of our lives. We constantly returned at any opportunity. Not only did the incredible and diverse community always show us warmth and love but the beauty of the coral reef was mind blowing. In September I will be returning … Continue reading Put Pen To Paper and Petition!

Utopian Visions

Black Mirror, Handmaid’s Tale, SS-GB to name a few of the dystopian TV shows I have been unnerved by and had to switched off in 2017. I know many of my friends enjoy these but for my vivid imagination it’s all too visceral. I watch them and fear what they show is already becoming a … Continue reading Utopian Visions

Hidden Treasures and One Deadly Octopus

This year has been full of the unexpected. I have chosen a life where going with the flow is literally what I do for a living but it has also seeped into my mentality and led to many adventures including an amazing opportunity to dive in the Philippines. As I write this I’m six hours … Continue reading Hidden Treasures and One Deadly Octopus

In Honour of The Man Whose Name I Will Never Know.

A year ago today the heart stopped beating of a man I tried to save. He was taken by the Ocean I love so dearly. He was a stranger and I will never know his name but his legacy lives on in a way I never foresaw. I wrote this poem in the middle of … Continue reading In Honour of The Man Whose Name I Will Never Know.

My Secret Love Affair

My secret love affair started during July 2013 in Madagascar and I have never forgotten the first time I saw him. He was graceful and serene whilst at the same time powerful and enigmatic. Over the past four years I have worn a metal pendent of him around my neck everyday. It may sound like … Continue reading My Secret Love Affair

Why Save a Whale When You Can Save a Child?

This week I went for some drinks with a lovely friend and she told me a story … One day on her way to work she saw a guy dressed up as a Rhino standing outside one of London’s busiest train stations collecting money to ‘Save the Rhino’. He was still there on her way … Continue reading Why Save a Whale When You Can Save a Child?