Put Pen To Paper and Petition!

Around 10 years ago my family stumbled upon Dahab, Egypt and it was the best discovery of our lives. We constantly returned at any opportunity. Not only did the incredible and diverse community always show us warmth and love but the beauty of the coral reef was mind blowing. In September I will be returning to Dahab and although I’m very excited unfortunately like many places around the world Dahab coral reef is suffering. In the past there have been plans to open a branch of the Protected Areas Management Unit in Dahab, however unfortunately this was never realised, and to date, Dahab’s coastline remains unprotected.

Protectorates Map Egypt_THATFISHBLOG

Map showing protectorates in Sinai. Dahab is not currently included in this.

This week ‘Save Dahab Coral Reefs Petition’ was launched on change.org. The aim is to get 1000 signatures in order to show support for the implementation of the plans to create zones in Dahab Environmentally Managed Area for different uses and for the establishment of a branch of the Protected Areas Management Unit for Dahab” which will be presented to Dr Khaled Fahmy, Ministry of the Environment Egypt.

This post is to highlight the importance of this petition and ask you all to sign it. The health of the coral in Dahab will not only affect the local community but will have far reaching effects on our Ocean. Let’s help make Dahab a leading example of what communities can do if they work together to protect our one and precious Ocean.


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