Seeking Inspiration From a Concrete Jungle

I set out to write this blog to share my everyday experience of the Ocean with you. One thing I’m pretty sure blogs should be good at is I’m going to be honest. I have been suffering from writer's block. I haven’t written a new blog for a month and no matter how many … Continue reading Seeking Inspiration From a Concrete Jungle


A Guide for Reducing Plastic Waste (Suitable for Lazy People)

Last week a friend of mine published a great documentary report which she worked on called ‘Plastic pollution in our oceans’. Plastic pollution and the impact on our Oceans is only just starting to get the coverage it needs so if you don't know much about it already inform yourself as this is a global … Continue reading A Guide for Reducing Plastic Waste (Suitable for Lazy People)

Dive Like A Spartan

This weekend I submerged myself in freezing water (at least it felt that way)…why you may ask? Because I am a crazy lady who loves fish and may have been one in my past life. When I say fish I mean anything living underwater because even the most insignificant looking species can bring tears to … Continue reading Dive Like A Spartan

Get Back to Your Roots

It's a new year and that means new resolutions, one that I know many of my friends have decided upon is reducing their meat consumption and moving towards a vegetable based diet. I decided to have a vegetable based diet back in May 2015 when I wrote an essay which in part out lined the … Continue reading Get Back to Your Roots

2016: Glimmers of Hope for Our Ocean

2016 has left many of us with a bitter taste in our mouths. Personally its been a year of extreme highs and life changing lows. From a sociopolitical point of view I have often felt disillusioned and angry. One thing I have discovered throughout this year is if I focus too much on the doom … Continue reading 2016: Glimmers of Hope for Our Ocean

That Christmas Tree Worm

The beauty of a reef never ceases to amaze me...the more you explore it the more it gifts you with. A favourite reef inhabitant of mine is a worm that celebrates Christmas all year round...the magical Christmas Tree Worm. This beautiful worm embeds itself in the coral reef and displays its two 'crowns' which are … Continue reading That Christmas Tree Worm

Ghost Fishing

No this isn't a new paranormal activity programme, Ghost Fishing is something any ocean lover may have come across but might not have recognised as Ghost Fishing. This week at the dive centre we had Richard Walker from Ghost Fishing UK come and talk to us and explain exactly what Ghost Fishing is. "Ghost Fishing is … Continue reading Ghost Fishing

Learning to Love Home Waters

I'm ashamed to say I have never dived/dove (who can tell me which one is correct!) in my country of birth. Now I'm manager and SCUBA diving instructor of a London based dive centre I think it's time for me to find out what the UK has to offer! Here is what I found... To … Continue reading Learning to Love Home Waters

That Fish Blog UK

Somehow 5 months have whizzed by since I last did a blog entry and in that time lots has changed for me…Now I’m back in the UK and I have decided to start a new chapter for this blog. I have landed myself a job managing a dive centre in London and cant wait to … Continue reading That Fish Blog UK

Dahab Is Pure Gold

Dahab means gold and the town could not have a more appropriate name, not because its made for the wealthy but because it is a precious town – a true treasure hidden between the awe-inspiring Sinai mountains and the wondrous Red Sea. It has been my home for over a year but it has been … Continue reading Dahab Is Pure Gold