This page is dedicated to informing you about projects I’m running in order to help protect our Oceans.

Whaitere Ocean Education Project: Doesn’t litter disappear once it enters the ocean? Isn’t coral a rock? How can a fish species be endangered if it’s being sold? If you know the answers to these questions its because we have learnt them through education, experience or exposure. 18 months ago I started going into schools in Cairo and London to talk to the children about the impact their actions have on our oceans. My footprint is only small but I will continue doing what I do as already 300 future politicians, lawyers, educators, scientists and voting citizens have a better understanding of our oceans and how to protect them.

Plastic Unwrapped: I have created an Instagram account @plasticunwrapped which showcases changes we can all make to our everyday lives in order to make a difference. It also celebrate’s individual, community, and company efforts to tackle our plastic crisis. These efforts may be small scale, local or global but either way they deserve to be recognised because ‘in a gentle way we can shake the world’. If you have a photo you would like to share with us please tag or mention @plasticunwrapped on Instagram or Facebook to get on our wall of fame.