“Amy is very passionate about marine conservation. In conversations with her, she was very eager to teach young students as a means of communicating to a larger population. Together we collaborated so she could meet the needs of the specific students I was working with. Amy came to our school and brought with her a variety of age-appropriate activities and interactive games. She is very knowledgable in her field and was able to answer student questions with examples. Amy’s passion and enthusiasm make her a great resource educator for marine conservation”
Autum Callender, Early Childhood Team Leader & PreK Teacher, Egypt
“Amy Johnson visited our school to talk about marine conservation with our Year 3 & 4 boys. They were so interested in this topic and really enjoyed the colourful and thought-provoking power point. Amy’s delivery was appealing and very slick, engaging with her audience throughout. The boys were also able to ask questions at the end. She brought with her some diving gear which the boys were fascinated to see. One of the highlights of the session was making the boys consider ways in which they could assist with marine conservation and giving them ideas of how to help to become ‘ambassadors of the ocean”
Caryn Madge, Head of Rushmere, UK